Tuffy® II – Float Level Control with Electric Switch

A compact level switch designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections. Fixed or adjustable wide, as well as narrow, differentials provide application flexibility.

Measurement Principle : 

Buoyancy force of process liquid on a float causes the float to move with the liquid’s surface. Float movement pivots a magnet into the field of a like-charged switch magnet. As the magnets repel each other, the switch magnet moves, actuating the switch.

Features : 

  • Single electric switch for high or low level alarm or control functions
  • Spacious switch wiring compartment
  • Pressure ratings to 2160 psig (149 bar)
  • Process temperatures to +750° F (+399° C)
  • NACE and/or ASME B31.3 construction
  • Specific gravity as low as 0.40

Applications : 

  • Sour service (NACE)
  • High/low alarm
  • Single pump control
  • Interface level
  • Corrosive processes
  • Process vessels

Options : 

  • Narrow, wide, adjustable or offset level differential
  • Silver or gold switch contacts
  • SPDT or DPDT dry contact or hermetically-sealed switches
  • External mounting chambers