Instrument Lab setup 2

Workshop and On-site Services

Flow Meters:

  • Servicing, recalibration of flow meters and flow validation.
  • On-site Startup and commissioning. Troubleshooting.


Moisture and Gas Analyzers – Traceable Calibration Services for On-site and Laboratory

Trace Moisture Instruments:

  • Trace Moisture Transmitter
  • Trace Moisture Analyzer
  • NDIR Moisture Analyzer
  • P2O5 Moisture Analyzer
  • Quartz Moisture Analyzer
  • Moisture in Gaseous Analyzer
  • Chilled Mirror Hygrometers
  • Wet-Dry Bulb Hygrometer


Relative Humidity Trace:

  • Temperature & Humidity Analyzer
  • Air Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
  • Chilled Mirror Hygrometers
  • Water Activity Analyzer