Built on the combined rich heritage of Westinghouse innovative repair technology and Siemens modern technology in advanced industrial engineering solutions and systems packaging, SWTS Pte Ltd, formerly known as Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd, is a pioneer in the repair industry of industrial equipment.

Since its inception in1973, growth from diversification has led the company to become a regional leader in providing multi-discipline engineering services and industrial solutions. From providing electrical and mechanical repair and services of rotating machines to stand-alone distribution sub-station equipment, SWTS has transformed to become an integrated regional network of interdependent repair and engineering facilities, offering complex electrical systems packaging and engineering designs.

Growing global energy demand has provided invaluable opportunities for SWTS to work with offshore and land rig construction companies and ship builders in specifying designs, and packaging of electrical and drive systems for operation in robust land and rough deep seas environment. Over time, SWTS has gained access to a global network of electrical equipment suppliers to procure competitive, quality electrical drive systems, rotating machines, transformers, switchgears, monitoring and control devices and other electrical equipment to meet the stringent specifications and designs of marine and offshore exploration energy needs. SWTS engineers travel far and wide to inspect, test and commission these electrical drive systems and power packages, both built by the company and others.

The transformation of the company in the last three decades has augured well for SWTS in keeping abreast with the changes in global demand for immediate, critical services. SWTS rapid expansion in the region has enabled the enlarged organization to continue to play active roles as a crucial service provider in the new, bigger challenging operating domains. As partner in plant and machinery maintenance, SWTS endeavors to expand and improve its network of regional resources to support the growing regional economies.

Striving to serve its market better, SWTS has developed strategic alliances in the Asian and Middle-Eastern regions.