Kotron® – Model 801 – RF Capacitance Transmitter

Kotron Model 801 is a multi-function transmitter that offers the user unparalleled power. The 801 can interface with two separate vessels, while software mathematics allow for the total or difference of the two measurements.

Measurement Principle : 

As the media rises and falls in the tank, the amount of capacitance change between the probe and the ground reference also rises and falls. The electronics convert this capacitance change into a continuous level measurement.

Features : 

  • Level signal from one vessel can be mathematically added to, or subtracted from, another vessel
  • Level/Volume and Level/Flow characterization
  • Integral keypad on front panel
  • Provides one 4-20 mA isolated analog output
  • 16-character alphanumeric display
  • Dual input of two probes from separate vessels

Applications : 

  • Hydrocarbons and solvents
  • Slurries
  • Interface
  • Open channel flow
  • High temperature/pressure liquids
  • Acids

Options : 

  • Mechanical totalizer, data logger
  • One or two probe input
  • Input power