Description : Advanced displacer/range spring actuated intrinsically safe two-wire transmitter.

Measurement Principle : Buoyancy/LVDT

Features : 

  • Range spring suppresses effects of turbulence
  • Pressures to 5150 psi
  • Two-wire, loop-powered, intrinsically safe
  • HART compatible
  • Field selectable fault signal, 3.6 or 22 mA, or HOLD
  • SIL 2, SFF value of 92.3%
  • Advanced self-check and diagnostics
  • Menu-driven display

Applications : Feedwater heaters, scrubbers, receivers, separators, boilers, condensate drip pots, interface measurement

Options : Pneumatic models, ASME B31.1, B31.3 or NACE construction, PACTware for enhanced configuration and trending capabilities