Overview : 
The HygroPalm23-A is the high-end product in our range of handheld instruments. Apart from measuring humidity and temperature, it also calculates all psychrometric parameters and offers various additional functions. The measurement results can be recorded continuously and these separated simply using the batch function. All ROTRONIC transmitters in the Airchip 3000 series can be adjusted with the HP23-A via a service cable.

Applications : 
Mobile applications in HVAC, the pharmaceutical industry, building management systems, museums and warehouses

Features :

  • Data recording function up to 10’000 data records (with date, time, batch no.)
  • Two probe connections for all ROTRONIC HC2 probes or analog third-party probes
  • Adjustment of transmitters HF3, HF4, HF5, HF7, HF8, via service cable
  • All psychrometric calculations
  • Integrated clock (real time clock) for timestamp for every measured value
  • Battery charging function
  • Interface (USB)

Source : http://www.rotronic.sg/humidity-measurement-feuchtemessung-temperaturmessung/humidity-measurement-feuchte-messung/hygropalm23-a-hp23-a.html