Top Mounting Displacer – Liquid Level Switches

Top-mounting displacer type level switches offer the industrial user a wide choice of alarm and control configurations. These units utilize a simple buoyancy principle and are well suited for simple or complex applications, such as high level alarm or control of multiple pumps and alarms. Displacer switches are both reliable and cost effective.

Measurement Principle : Liquid level movement changes the buoyancy force on a displacer suspended from a range spring. The force change on the spring causes it to expand or contract moving an attraction sleeve into or out of the field of the switch magnet, actuating the switch.

Features : 

  • Narrow or wide level range capabilities
  • Adjustable levels and differential
  • Anti-surge design
  • Variety of displacer materials available
  • Field-adjustable set point and switch differential
  • Proof-er® ground check

Applications : 

  • Foaming, surging, or agitated liquids
  • Dirty liquids
  • Heavy oils
  • Paints
  • Sumps
  • Storage vessels

Options : 

  • Electric or pneumatic switch mechanisms and enclosures
  • Single, dual, or triple stage models
  • Material of construction
  • Tank connection
  • Floating roof detection