Echotel® – Model 961/962 – Ultrasonic Level Switches

The Echotel 961/962 series utilizes pulse wave technology to detect high or low level alarm(s)in a broad range of viscous to light liquids.

The Echotel 961 has a tip sensitive setpoint and is ideally used as high or low level alarm.

The Echotel 962 offers 2 setpoints on the same sensor. The unit is used for level alarm or pump control.

The Echotel 961/962 is equipped with advanced diagnostics that continuously check the sensor and electronics.The diagnostics also alarm for electrical noise interference from external sources.

Measurement Principle : 

High frequency 2 MHz ultrasonic pulses are transmitted across a transducer gap in the presence of a liquid medium, but are attenuated when the gap is dry.

Features : 

  • No calibration
  • Loop current or relay output
  • Advanced diagnostics: sensor, electronics and electrical noise interference
  • LED indication for alarm status and error
  • Pushbuttons for manual testing of output
  • Metal and plastic sensors

Applications : 

  • High (High/high) or low (Low/low) level alarm
  • Pump protection
  • Pump control

Options : 

  • ATEX II 1G EEx ia II C T5, intrinsically safe
  • ATEX II 1/2 G EEx d II C T6, explosion proof
  • TÜV WHG §19 (pending)
  • VLAREM II – 5.17.7 (pending)
  • FM/CSA Non-incendive, I.S. and XP
  • FSTS / RosTechnadzor (pending)