Atlas™ – Magnetic Level Indicator

Atlas is a magnetically coupled liquid level indicator precision engineered and manufactured providing accurate, reliable, and continuous visual level indication.

Measurement Principle : 

A change of level in the process tank corresponds to a similar change within the Atlas chamber. In response to the level movement, the Atlas float moves accordingly, actuating the flags or shuttle for visual indication.

Features : 

  • Broad range of chamber styles
  • Fabricated non-magnetic chambers
  • ANSI and DIN flanges
  • Precision manufactured float
  • Flag or shuttle type indicator

Applications : 

  • Feedwater heaters
  • Industrial boilers
  • Oil water separators
  • Flash drums
  • Surge tanks
  • Gas chillers

Options : 

  • Level switches
  • Level transmitters
  • Stainless steel scale standard
  • Customer scales