Designed specifically for high capacity steam applications, this series of valves contributes to the overall efficiency and profitability of plant operations.

Product Features : 

  • Extremely large relieving capacities
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Teflon guide rings eliminate friction
  • Spring-loaded U-shaped Teflon guide seal for increased seat tightness
  • Pilot valve blowdown can be adjusted independently of the main valve
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Specifications : 

  • ASME Section VIII
  • Inlet sizes 16″ to 20″
  • Pressures from 50 psig to 300 psig
  • Temperatures from 250°F to 500°F
  • Seat tightness to 95% of set pressure
  • Omit pilot discharge piping and dump valve design available

Services : 

  • Steam
  • Other compressible fluids

Source : http://alliedvalveinc.com/products/consolidated-overview/consolidated-13900-series-pilot-operated-safety-relief-valve/