Project Description



Total Valve Solutions and asset management services for ExxonMobil’s 3 plants in Singapore.


  • Overhaul, test and document all Safety Valves at ExxonMobil’s 3 Plants in Singapore. This includes spare parts change-out due to wear and damages, change of operational parameters, statutory inspection deadlines
  • This deliverable illustrates Exion Asia’s Total Valve Solutions and Asset Management services



Added value

  • Advanced maintenance management
  • Scheduling of Periodic Safety Valve Servicing  and Calibration/Testing to meet safety & quality standards
  • Fully interactive web database of 13,500 valves incl. historical data, overhaul details and test certificates
  • Seamless cooperation with Plant Engineers and Mechanical Contractors to meet joint project objectives & milestones

Client: ExxonMobile

  • ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is the single-largest manufacturing foreign investor in Singapore with assets of more than US$7 billion. In Singapore, ExxonMobil operates the Singapore Refinery and Singapore Chemical Plant. Together, they form ExxonMobil’s largest integrated manufacturing site in Asia.

Client facility

  • Jurong Plant
  • Pulau Ayer Chawan Plant
  • Singapore Chemical Plant