Digital ES II Modulevel® – Electronic Liquid Level Transmitters

Digital ES II electronic transmitters are advanced, intrinsically safe two-wire instruments. In addition to the standard 4-20 mA output, the Digital ES II is equipped with microprocessor-based electronics and HART® compatible output.

Measurement Principle : As process liquid level moves, the buoyancy force changes on a displacer suspended from a range spring. The change in force causes the spring to expand or contract, moving the core within an LVDT. This change of position is translated to a digital output.

Features : 

  • HART network compatible
  • Remote calibration without level movement
  • Standard output range from 3.8 to 20.5 mA
  • Push-button program local calibration
  • Continuous self-test
  • Signal sampling 15 times per second

Applications : 

  • Feedwater heaters
  • Scrubbers
  • Receivers
  • Separators
  • Interface level
  • Knock-out drums

Options : 

  • Flanged top or external cage mounting
  • Hand held communicator
  • Analog or digital display
  • Electronics integral or remote mounted
  • Steel or 316 stainless steel chamber material

Source : http://www.exionasia.com/indexes.aspx?uc=products_proddetail&ID=12&Page=0